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Dr. Frankenstein has set his creation a test to prove his physical and mental capabilities. Can you guide Frankie through 20 fiendish platforming puzzles?

Puzzle Frankenstein is a simplistic puzzle platformer, with a style and aesthetic reminiscent of early home computer games. It has 20 short levels that might require you to think outside the box.

You are . In each level, you must get to the . Collecting and will open and . will teleport you somewhere on the map!

Jewell Games are a brother/sister team based in the UK.

Game design: Daniel “Jewellds" Jewell
Character art / additional backgrounds: Rebekah “Cuddlesnowy" Jewell

Game engine: Clickteam Fusion 2.5

Install instructions

Puzzle Frankenstein is distributed as a zip file, just extract the game into a folder of your choice.

The game was developed on a decade old Windows XP machine, so it should run reasonably well on a potato.


PuzzleFrankenstein_1.0.zip 66 MB

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